Wednesday, August 31, 2011

august concludes with a ride in the dark

Wow! Its already the end of August. The days are getting longer and milder. A few days ago, in an effort to get out on the real bike (instead of an indoor trainer), I left at 5.30am for a couple of hours of riding down Melbourne's famous Beach Road. A few things I noticed that are worth considering when riding in the dark:
  1. No matter how cool your favourite black kit is, don't wear it in the dark. Death wish?
  2. At 5.30am on a Sunday the main roads are almost completely free of traffic.
  3. At 5.30am on a Sunday the main roads are better lit than the back streets.
  4. The new front LED lights are REALLY bright. Get one.
  5. Riding in the dark in a bunch turns you all into part of a blinking flashing Christmas tree that can be seen for more than a kilometer. Good idea!
  6. Its eery and lovely on a still morning down by the beach. Try it some time. I will see you there!

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